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Essay on Olympic Games in Slovakia
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Do we want to risk the lost of our culture, just so the economy situation and our lifestyle would improve? That’s the question. The funny thing is that nobody really asked us. I am talking about the Olympic Games in Slovakia, because our country is one of the candidates for organizing the winter games in the year 1996. It seems like a great idea, but every idea has it’s own advantages and disadvantages too. Let’s talk about advantages of holding the Olympic games, because those are the reasons why countries like to organize this event. One of the main reasons why Slovakia would like to organize the OG is that this would be a great opportunity to draw our country on the world’s map. The whole world would get to know about us. The other reason is that it would bring a lot of money in the country. A lot of tourists would come, and country would make a lot of money on TV broadcasting, advertisements and all the stuff that comes with it. Many new hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, parking lots, theaters and other cultural places would be build. That would lower the the unemployment in Slovakia, which is causing a lot of problems in here. But the problem about all this things that we would have to build is that we don’t know if we would be able to keep them running after all the tourist would leave Slovakia. Many of the stores and hotels might be have to closed down. There is a solution that slovakian OG committee came with. They would like to use some of the buildings as the apartments for people to live in after the OG. Yes, when I talk about the risk of loosing our culture, then I talk about cocacolizing, westernizing and cheapening of our habits and traditions. All of this can be a result of a huge income of tourist. Organizing of OG might have a big effect on the environment of the country too. Many trees would have to be cut down, just so we could make the ski slopes, many nice places would have to be destroyed so we could build the roads, new hotels, sport halls and other things. All of this could have a negative effect on the animal kinds too. There is another risk that OG used to bring with them in past years. It is terrorism. Terrorists are using OG for expressing their opinions and anger by bombing. OG is a great opportunity to present themselves. In my opinion, Slovakia should hold winter Olympic Games in year 2006. I think that the improvements that this event would make to our country are worth the risk that they bring with them.
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