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Buckingham Palace
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Buckingham palace was built in 1703 and bought by King George III sixty years later. It is one of the most visited sights of London as it is a royal residence. At 11.30, a picturesque ceremony of the Changign of the Guard takes palace there which attracts a great number of torists. Buckingham palace faces the Mall and the white marble and gilded Queen Victoria Monument. When Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 it was almost inpossible to live in the Palace. Today The queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have private suites in the North Wing, overlooking Green Park. When the Queen is in the Palace, the royal standard flies.Their home is open to around 30,000 quests in summer, attending garden parties. When the Golden Jubilee was celebrated, the gardens of Buckingham Palace were the venue for various events. The gardens have a lake, cascading water and and the wild life includes flamingoes which do not seem to be disturbed by frequent flights of the Queen`s helicopters.
Buckingham Palace is a working setting for the manarchs-with a large staff of people who are busy with various activities from running the household to organizing banquest for visiting VIP`s.
According to some sources of information, about 700 people work thee. When te Queen gets up in the morning, seven people look after only her.They prepare her bath, her clothes, breakfast and there is a man responsible for feeding her nine dogs. There is even and piper playing Scottish music outside her room while the Queen reads her daily newspaper.
From Buckingham Palace hte Queen leaves on ceremonila duties such as the State Opening of Parliament in early winter and Trooping the Colour to mark her official birthday in June.
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