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Moral development of Huckleberry Finn
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It is not difficult to decide in everyday situations, but what about moments when your decision changes your entire life? Leaving family is never easy, even if I go to a place like the United States and I will be back in a year, it is tough to say good bye. I know it because of my personal experience. Huck does not know whether he will see his friends again, he does not know whether he will ever come back. He decides to leave his home because Pap does not have any reason to punish him.
Indeed, "Huck is thoughtful, intelligent (though uneducated), and willing to come to his own conclusions about important matters, even if these conclusions frequently contradict society's norms." (Pumpherey 4). Huckleberry Finn leaves home and apologizes to a slave. For the people of the 21st century this statement means to leave a comfortable position and work as a street sweeper in the poor part of the city. That sounds strange, but I cannot see any differences. Mark Twain tries to show that a boy without any education knows what morally right is, so he is an example for those who are blind and can see life just through power and dictatorship. Huck Finn, who is running away from his father at the beginning, is no more just a boy or character in Mark Twain's book; he is the embodiment of the author's vision about the world.
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Zdroje: Pumphrey, Stephanie. Themes, Motifs, and Symbols SparkNotes on Huckleberry Finn., Character List SparkNotes on Huckleberry Finn.
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