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Trnava – The Town I Like

I have been living in Trnava since I was born, so I know it quite well. In the past, Trnava was an important junction of main trade roads, but nowadays Trnava is a city, which offers opportunities for habitation, study, work and entertainment. The history of city is very rich. Trnava is famous for its wall and churches. Sometimes is Trnava called “Small Rome”.
You can also say: Trnava is the university city. There are three universities – Faculty of materials science and technology, University of Trnava, University of Cyril and Metodius. One of the reasons, why Trnava is interesting for young people are opportunities for entertainment and study.
You can visit many discos and pubs, e.g. Barbakan, Irish pub, Argentina, Alcatraz, Relax, etc. There are also opportunities for sport – ice hockey stadium, football stadium, athletic stadium, tennis-courts, squash center, swimming pools, etc. I often visit some of them. I go swim or I go play tennis. I think you have large choice for entertainment.
Trnava offers also opportunities for habitation because there are many block of flats with horrible architecture.
I think Trnava is nice at all and I’m happy that I live here.

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