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We know many ways of transportation. We can travel by car, by bus, by train, by the sea, etc.. I chose bus and train for this project.

Trains are faster than buses, but trains do not go to every town and village. It takes up to sixty minutes to a bus going from Bratislava to Trnava but to an express train it take only forty minutes. Trains are more expensive than buses only for greater distances, the difference is not very big. The price for a train ticket from Bratislava to Zvolen is 172 Sk. Bus ticket is cheaper. But people pay for comfort. There is no restaurant, toilet, etc. on a bus. On buses you must sit in your seat but in trains you can stand up and walk around. Buses are better, because they go more often during the days and there is more selection. Buses usually go twice more than the train during the day. There are express- and slow- trains. The express trains are faster and they have less stops and they are earlier in the destination. The slow trains have more stops and they are really slow.

If I wanted to travel in a greater distance, I would choose express train. It is more comfortable, and I love comfort. The bus is good in small distances.

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