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Compare two types of accomodation
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There are many ways how and where to live, everybody can choose the best for him, that what he likes, needs or can afford. I live in small town in a three-room-flat with my family.
I definitely would not stand up living in cottage house in the middle of nowhere. Living in such an area must be very boring a living in that type of house is surely very uncomfortable. It is true that the way people live in the country is much more quite than in a town or a city, they do not suffer under stress that much. But living in a country seems to me to be much harder concerning the physical effort. And if you live in the wilderness, it´s even much more quiet and much more harder. You have to use your can any time you want to go somewhere, except you want to go for a walk in a forest. There is no electricity in some of these houses and that would be a complete disaster for me. Once, I was staying in a cottage house like this up in the hills. We had to light up candles at five o´clock in the afternoon, although it was in summer, there was no computer, no radio, no television. The other thing is water supply. Having clean, warm water in a bathroom is a matter of course for people living in towns, cities or villages, but having this is really a hard work for those, who live in the wilderness. The most of houses like this I have seen do not have furniture that provides all the comfort I need to live a happy life. I like living in my hometown, it´s neither too big nor too small, it´s something in between. What I like about my town is that you can cross the whole town in about half an hour going by foot. It means that you can go by food nearly everywhere. Other thing I suppose to be very positive on living in Banovce is, that you always meet friends in the streets. Going for a walk with your dog can be a real social event by meeting class-mates, teachers, friends, etc. Well, this does not always have to be an advantage. Imagine going to do shopping with my mother. We always stop at every corner to have just a little conversation with all her friends, friends of her friends, etc. But there are also another reasons why I sometimes hate living in my town. One of them is for example that from time to time, you are really bored with your free time. There are not many places to go to for young people. I don´t mind living in a flat in general, especially since my sister left home.
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