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Compare two TV channels
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The main topic of this essay is to compare two TV channels. I decided to compare two Slovak broadcasters, Markiza and STV, as there are really significant differences between them. Markiza is a private corporation, STV is owned by government. There where different periods within the time of development of both of these TV channels. STV used to show very strong political influence in previous few years. But, today, they are really trying to show themselves as political impartial. I think, that the main difference is the main idea and aim of these TV channels. Markiza´s aim is to entertain people, to bring information and programs,that are easy to understand. Sometimes they tend to broadcast programs which are not very intelligent. Good example for this kind of program are soap operas, quizzes, where you can win lots of money, a car or a world trip. Especially today, when people have to face unbelievable amounts of information, these slightly silly programs are popular among wide population. STV ,on the other hand, is trying to higher the cultural, political level and level of the knowledge of the Slovak population. That is why they bring more intellectual programs such as documentary films, scientific programs giving information about newest investigations and their results, etc. They also offer wide range of programs on culture, for example programs concerning literature, classical music, architecture, etc. They simply bring us serious information. There are many experts working for them. These two broadcasters also have different financials resources. STV is supported by the fees, we pay the state for having television and radio reception. Another expression for a public television like Markiza is public television, because they live from broadcasting commercials. The problem is, that STV sometimes can´t afford to buy the newest foreign film, or programs, that are the number one in the world and everybody wants to watch them. They spend their money for making their own programs, their own films. And as they don’t get that much money from the state, like Markiza gets for TV adverts, all their programs are not high quality programs. But they are serious at least. THE THING I really hate about Markiza, is the number of commercial breaks, they broadcast. It´s very annoying, that all the films and programs are still being interrupted by TV adverts.
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