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Compare two Superheroes
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The main topic of this essay is to describe two personalities, that are heroes for me. I chose Michael Schuhmacher and Bill Gates. Michael is a formula-one racer, the man who has won the frmula-one races for many, many times in his life. He is the one, who is holding the world speed record. I am going to compare Michael, one of the most popular sportsmen of today, with the most important personality of computer world, Bill Gates. Bill is a founder and at the same time the main programmer of Microsoft, company that produces the mostly used software and hardware in the world.
Michael, who is also called Schumi by his friends and thousands friends all over the world, started his career in his early childhood. He used to race in minicar races, when he was only four. Not just his young age is that, what is surprising about this period of his life. His results were really phenomenal. This was, when a new star was born. Many years of hard work but also unbelievable results followed, until he became a formula-one racer. Today, he is the best racer of the Ferrari team, he is the hero who always wins one race after another. He is the formula-one hero. Bill´s career started in his teenage times, when he started to write programs for computers. He was that much delighted with the computer science, that he founded a corporation offering computer services with couple of his friends. The funny about this story is, that they used to work in his father´s garage. Not just that they were offering services , they also wanted to make people´s lives simpler. There were many tasks they had to solve. They wanted to develop software, that would be easy to work with for people from different social classes and they also wanted to persuade people, that working with computer can save lots of time and effort in one´s everyday life. Result of their effort is the number of Windows programs, which are being used by nearly every one computer in the world. All the products of Microsoft are an important part of today´s computer world. I think that the very beginnings of career were easier for Michael, because he had support from his family, as he was not the first in his family, who was bewitched by racing. But I do also think, that it is much harder for him, to stay the number one, than for Bill. Michael has to show his talent in numerous races all year long.
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