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There are so many problems in the world, so many people needing a support hand.. and fortunately there are also many people who want to give the hand to those who really need it. Those people don´t mind to sacrifise a part of their time, property, money to solve all the problems of war victims, starving people of Africa, drug- addicts, unemployment, single mothers with ill children, orphans.. In any part of the world the problem is almost the same. But the worst is that in africa, where people don´t have money for medicines, and also if they had, it wouldn´t help them, because only few of people get the medicine which can heal them. There is a very serious problem of many illnesses, not only HIV, but many other which can be healed. For example tuberculosis. You can be cured, but it depends how soon do you get the medicine. There isn´t enough medicine to help all the people infected of this illness. The doctors decide who have the chance to be rescued and who don´t. The faith of the people is in the hands of the doctors.
Those, who care about people with problems are also nuns with golden hearts in the churches. Then it´s many organizations, for example The Red Cross and many other. Many famous people give money to these organizations, some of them do it for fame, some of them do it because they feel their money can be used by another and much better way. In my opinion one of the most honest famous member was Princess Diana. She helped children infected by HIV, or children who were mined. Hopefully, the number of these people will be still growing, and if not, I hope there will be still many people who will contribute with their money.
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