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Computer in my life
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I have had computer for more than six years. When I got my first one, I was ten years old. I used to play various games on it, and I play them till now. But do not have so much time now. My favourite games are strategies where I can build my own army and I can fight. I like to play this game with my friend Johny, and we play it on the internet. Today, I use computer mostly for internet or for writing. I surf on it and internet is my source for everything, including school and my hobbies. I also like to listen music and I use mp3 player ..On internet I can visit many websites, such as google, altavista, referaty......etc. In the past I used to chat with my friends on ICQ, but I did not like that, because I rather want to have the eye contact when I am talking with somebody. And I do not have the time for chatting on internet now. One of my favourite websites is mp3box, it is a website where the music is free.
I have written only positives of computer, but computer destroys our health, mainly eyes. People who work with computer every day are most likely to have diseases, such as headache or varios problems with eyes. I think that I am using my computer clever, on the things that are useful for me.
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