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Street Art - Graffiti Art
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This kind of art, which is consider like a vandalism, was created in New York, in dark ghettos on the beginning of the year 1980. It was kind of art, which was drawing – spraying on wall of houses, like a decoration. From New York, graffiti goes to Germany – to Berlin. Here were made first basic styles of words. A writers – artists who make graffiti, made these styles. But after some years graffiti became a problem. Graffiti wasn’t now art it was only vandalism, which are respecter streets in cities. Graffiti were spraying on the illegal places like trains or state buildings, because in the cities were not legal places, were can be graffiti spraying. And now, illegal places are making for rag or adrenaline and fun. It’s very dangerous, that’s why are illegals making. Some people say that graffiti – legalls or illegals are vandalism, but I think that graffiti is art, only without paintbrush. Pieces are real art. They are often spraying on the legall places, because they are very complicate and big too. There is not time to make some pieces to illegal places. Pieces are divide to production – some pieces which are taps on the other pieces, they are often doing on the jam – that’s street party, all writers and crews (crew is band of writes which is doing graffiti, it can be more crews in one town) are meet and doing graffiti. And the second
divide is one piece, which do one writer. When is piece very good draw, it look very nice and becomingly. Each piece of graffiti is tagged, tag is signature of writer, and each writer or crew has got his own tag. If writer want to do some more complicate piece, character or bomb, he must do
sketch of it. It is design of piece on the paper. When writer go to draw piece he took the sketch. Sometimes is sketch draw better than piece, but is often very hard to draw nice and original sketch with own style. Bombs are basic form of graffiti, if want some new crew to be most popular in other good crews, that crew or writer must do Bombs. Bomb is often doing only with two basic colors – silver outlines and black shadows. Bombs are good for illegals – trains, underground or administrative buildings and other places, which are easy to see, because they are easy, elementary and they are very quickly spraying. Bombs are very popular for writers, but for other people bombs are very big problem. Trains are illegal places to draw graffiti, but they are very sought – after for writers. They are doing trains for rag, and adrenaline.
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