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Skateboarding – history & styles
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The first skate could arise everywhere, but more then probably it was in the end of 60th in California (USA), where the summer attraction was surfing. Right wind, good waves – those are perfect things for this sport, but what to do, when they aren’t? Bad wind and waves set board on he wheels, what was big step for the skateboarding people. And then become old wheels - which were first set on the board from the old roller – skates, function of trucks, design improved.
There were founding new styles. Once, freestyle was only one competitive contest. Yet isn’t it. Freestyle “died” maybe five years ago. Freestyle resembled figure skating or ballet. Riders did dance on the music prepare figures with skates. Now is situation much better. Nearly all riders ride streetstyle or ride on the ramps. Streetstyle is the oldest type of skateboarding. On the beginning, streetstyle escort slaloms between tapers, downhill ride and other disciplines. Streetstyle now exploit benches, rails and other barriers in the streets. The basic finesse is “ollie”, which susceptible pick up skate on everything respectable in the street. Streetstyle is discipline with unlimited options. Later, streetstyle transfer from street to skate parks, from the reason of bad public mind. All barriers like ramps, rails for sliding, fun boxes – double ramp with rail on the top of fun box board, pyramids don’t supplant right face, profile and facility that so free street. After streetstyle is most popular U ramp – small or big. It’s also race discipline. For the presentation of some more difficult tricks, which are doing 3, 5 meters over
Coping (coping is the big surface on the left and right side of ramp), it’s need two/three years of hard training. Less hard is small ramp. Small ramp is 1, 5 or 2 meters high and it’s radius (radius is vertical part of ramp) is about half less shorter. Ramps are doing from two types of material. First is non – skid wood, these ramps are better then ramps, which are doing from second type of material – tin – plate. Metal plate ramps are worse then wood ramps. They are sooner damage. After ramps, there are very popular fun boxes with rails on them. These barriers are exploit on the race contest. The most popular contests are World Champions in Mϋnster/Germany or Mystic Cup in Prague.
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