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Three Types Of Holiday
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Most of us loves time, when he or she can leave work or school and go to holiday. People frequently spend their holiday by sitting at home, by going to grandparents or going somewhere abroad. I am not an exception. During 19 years I have been living, I had many holidays. I had had all three kinds of holidays noted earlier. Every one of them looked different. Some were good, some were bad, but I will never hate holidays, because just in this time you can do everything that you want.
Many times, poor people who do not have money for paying a trip somewhere, if it is abroad or somewhere within their country, stay at home. They would often like to go somewhere, but they cannot. They do not earn enough money for their survival, let alone for vacation. Other people are staying home not because of money, but because of some other reasons. Some hate traveling and some like their homes so much that they could not leave it. There are many ways to spend your holidays at home. For example, you can watch TV or play computer games. It is also the time for your hobbies, for which you normally do not have any time. During “home vacation” you can do things and activities, which you have to do, but you always postpone them, because you always “do not have time”… There belong things and activities like cleaning the house, gardening, going to a dentist, etc. There are many kinds of things to do during vacation at home, but it has one disadvantage – it may be beautiful vacation just for a few times, because, in my opinion, for example, after two holidays at home you will know everything and one year later it can be boring.
You can spend your holidays not only at home, but also by visiting your grandparents. Grandparents are people, who like you very much, sometimes even more than your parents. Our summer holidays last two months, so for children it is a very long time to stay at home. Therefore, most frequently they are the people, who spend their holidays with their grandparents; however, sometimes there come their parents, too. Grandparents in Slovakia often live in villages. They breed many kinds of domestic animals, especially, cows, chickens, pigs and rabbits. Usually, children’s attention is concentrated on these animals, because nowadays children most often live in cities and they see domestic animals just occasionally.
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