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Problems Of The Youth
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Youth has always been regarded to be the nicest period of human lives. It is the period when young people can be carefree without the burden of responsibility which brings the parenthood or daily winning of one’s bread. But youth, seemingly a free time of life, also brings some specific problems:
It is the period of life when people do the most important decisions that can have fatal consequences for their future family and career. This decisions, and also the difficult period of early parenthood or professional career, following abruptly the carefree period of early youth, demands personal maturity. Immature parenthood can spoil lives of at least three people. It is a serious problem of the young, just like the problem of unemployment or the specific drug problem.
The pressure on the young to get to a university is very high too. It is difficult these times, as the competition is very tough and, unfortunately, not always fair. Bullying is also a problem of the children at our schools. Thanks to enlightment our bullies do not openly annoy the physically handicapped. But many young people do not know, that there can be a lot of psychical handicaps, and also don’t realize how deep their remarks, jokes or violence can psychically mark the victim. Another problem of young people, and one of the most typical ones, is the generation gap. The best way to describe the generation gap is to aim at the parents-children relationship. The elder criticize the way how the young people dress and behave, and they often say, that they have no sense of responsibility today. The young have they own values, which their parents not always like: they are sometimes against their child’s fashion, friends and girl/boyfriends, hobbies, music, idols, lifestyle and other things their child appreciates so much. Another point of misunderstanding is security. The parents are more afraid of their child as the teenager of himself and don’t allow him to go where he would love to, or until he wants to. They think up various catastrophic scenarios of what could happen to their beloved offspring. Sometimes this problem can be solved by explaining the own fears within the family, but mostly the parents just give orders and prohibitions and the good relationship between them and their child is broken. It is obviously necessary that there should be more comprehension on both sides.
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