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What do you think about shopping?
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• I think, that in simultaneity are a lot of products those mark is known the world over. They are many products, which they are spoil streamlined time, but also many such, which are remember long ago date. Those augmented they are naturally products, which they have its tradition. In my opinion they are that automobile factory BMW, Mer-cedes, Mini, FORD, FIAT and a lot of other. Next of course marks - Adidas, NIKE, PUMA, Kappa and many further. Here is goods and toward total extension products to rest landscape isn't in nowadays progressive time problemove, because is a lot of means through the medium those my-self product give propagandize too abroad.

• Here are a lot of shops, which offer everything item.
We can buy here everything - jewellery, porcelain, shoes.
A lot of cafes, restaurants and spoil where I give sitting and rest. This maiden isn't otherwise big, but Poprad isn't big town. Daily myself here relieve many people and lately too quantity tourist. Poprad is input gate to High Ta-tras therefore is too for businesses and companies inter-esting.

• Shopping I have not gladly. I hate when I must go about a place trade. Especially when I don't search anything con-crete for me. But in big department store type TESCO I pass gladly.
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