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Man and the environment
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We can live on this planet thanks to basic components which are needed for human existence - air,water and soil.
The era of takingthese components for granted has fortunately ended and man must be aware of their importance in the future.
We are much more often forced to think about the quality of our air,water and soil than anz time before.Why? Because it is now recognized than environmental problems affect all countries of the world.
It is generally acknowledged that pollution is one of the greatest problems of our age.In the last quarter of a century we have polluted practically the whole planet. There are the problems of the pollution of seas and oceans,pollution of air,changes in the atmosphere's ozone layer and concetrations of carbonic gas.
Throughout previous decades certain species of animals have vanished or become rare.
Many of them are still victims of poachers.
During the last twenty years ecology has become a fashionable word. It is used frequently in the mass-media and in daily conversation because man has become his own worst enemy, the greatest threat to his own survival.
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