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Between Great Britain and France, the Channel Tunnel has been built and so extends the British railway system to the continental one.
In big cities, underground (subways) with several tracks have been built (in order to relieve the street cars and buses). They are the fastest and most frequented means of urban transportation.
Rivers, seas and oceans are continuously being filled with new cargo and passenger vessels. Ferries, ocean liners and other steamboats carry you to the place of destination with small costs, but take quite a long period of time. The advantage is also that one can take almost as much luggage as one likes. But in general not many people have the courage to board a ship because they can become sea-sick. Unlike sea travel, going by air consumes huge sums of money but is the fastest way of traveling. During the last few decades the number of airplanes and frequency of flights have grown enormously. In such countries as the USA, where people have to travel long distances, traveling by air has become quite common. There are several hundred American airlines. All of them are private and include the biggest and most popular Pan American or Delta Airlines. Traveling by a plane, it is usual to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior one’s departure. At the airport we have our luggage, which has a limited weight, checked, go through a security check and the passport control and then wait until the plane is ready to take off. Then the passengers board the plane. Sometimes a shuttle has to bring them to their airplane. Inside it the stewardess shows them their seats. Everybody fastens their safety belts, the aircrew makes last checks on the runway and after getting permission from the control tower for the flight the aircraft takes off. During the flight the stewardess offers meals, refreshments, drinks and sweets. The passengers can also read magazines supplied on board, listen to music, watch television or just sleep. From time to time they can hear information about the altitude, speed and approximate location of the plane. Near the airport the plane descends and finally lands on the ground. The passengers disembark and wait for their luggage. After showing their passports and visas to the immigration officer and going through the customs check they are free to enjoy the country where they have landed. Air travel has changed dramatically since the attacks on 9/11/2001. There are many more security screenings, check points and luggage searches, which require a lot of patience for passengers. (+ on foot, horseback, by taxi …)
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