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Every day millions of people travel from one place to another. They travel for fun or from necessity – to work, to school or on business. People and goods can be transported by land, by water or by air. Land offers the greatest variety of means of transport. There are motor road vehicles on the one hand and rail on the another. As personal vehicles, cars, motorcycles and bicycles are the most popular. We can also travel by coaches, buses and trolley buses. Of rail vehicles, we could mention trains, trams and the underground.
Many people of all countries of the world like traveling by bike. Some go to school or work by bike; others prefer cycling as a sport and hobby. In recent yeas many young people go for holiday trips by bike, which is very exciting.
Many people consider car the best mean of traveling. It is fast enough for short and middle distances, it has a quite large space for luggage in the trunk and is highly comfortable. But a car is expensive to purchase and in addition one also has to pay for petrol. Cars are not very safe and contribute much to air pollution. In spite of that, the number of cars on our roads and highways grows higher and higher every year. It is similar to other countries in the world. In USA there are more cars per person than anywhere else. Many adults, but also high school and college students drive their own cars. The speed controls and strict alcohol tests considerably reduced traffic deaths. Also pollution regulations were passed to protect the environment endangered by the growing number of cars.
The most frequent public means of transport are buses and trains:
Coaches are buses for long distance traveling. They are fast, comfortable and the prices of tickets are quite reasonable.
Traveling by train is a very common form of traveling. They are cheap, less polluting and safe, but not very clean and comfortable. This refers especially to slow trains, stopping at every station. It can also be an advantage, as the passengers can enjoy the landscape. Fast trains and through trains are more comfortable and do not stop at every station. There is also a sleeping car and a dining car, which make the traveling even more pleasant. Our railway is one of the most neglected and old-fashioned ones in all Europe, therefore it urgently needs reorganization and modernization.
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