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You can visit many world class attractions including the Australian National Maritime Museum, the Panasonic Imax Theatre, The Chinese Garden, The Powerhouse Museum and Sega World.

Manly is a seaside resort on the north eastern corner of Sydney Harbour with both ocean and harbour beaches. From Circular Quay take the ferry or JetCat, an express ferry, to Manly or visit as part of a harbour cruise. Close to Manly Wharf are restaurants, boutiques and the aquarium, Oceanworld. Visit the old Quarantine Station at North Head that provides unsurpassed views. Day tours and special ghost tours at night are available. The area around Manly is ideal for scenic walks and the famous beach offers a range of water activities.

To the north and south of the city, you'll find white sand beaches, minutes away by bus, ferry or taxi. Within the harbour are Balmoral, Nielsen Park and Camp Cove. For surfing, there's Bondi, Bronte or Coogee in the south; Manly, Collaroy or Palm Beach in the north.

In the city itself, enjoy Sydney's lively theatre, dance, opera, concert and pub entertainment. Kings Cross offers late-night entertainment in bars and discos. For a movie and bite to eat head to George Street. The nearby Sydney Entertainment Centre is the venue for concerts.

Choose from one of the many dinner cruises on the harbour offering entertainment and superb scenery, or try your luck at the casino, Star City. Overlooking the harbour, the casino offers gaming facilities such as blackjack, roulette, craps, sic bo and the traditional Australian favourite two-up.

Sample some jazz at Soup Plus, The Basement or Harbourside Brasserie, or dance the night away at the Cauldron, Retro or DCM. For rock music lovers there is the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel or for comedy enjoy entertainment at Kaos, Sydney's most popular comedy restaurant.

Almost every cuisine is available in Sydney and the quality is very high. Try the local seafood or taste the best from international cuisines. Some of Sydney's best eating can be enjoyed in a number of precincts - Chinatown, The Rocks , Balmain, Leichhardt, Darlinghurst, Newtown and Kings Cross.

With four national parks, Sydney offers a superb environment to get back to nature with opportunities for bushwalking, picnicking, and adventure activities, and are all easily accessible from the city. Sydney Harbour National Park incorporates the Sydney Harbour islands and much of the harbour foreshore, while the Royal National Park, Botany Bay National Park and Ku-ring-gai National Park offer an insight into Aboriginal culture through preserved rock and cave art.

Visit the site of the 2000 Olympic Games at Homebush Bay.
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