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The Public Transport
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We know many ways of transportation. We can travel by car, by bus, by train…
Without transport people are lost. People have to travel in to the work, children need to go in school and for this transport they need public transport.

In every town, village all over the world is public transport. Although in every town is a big difference in the public transport. We can not compare our public transport with transport in Japan, USA, Germany… They have much better resources on transporting people, and they transport is faster, cleaner, comfortable and maybe they have cheaper transport like we too. In Slovakia, the public transport hasn’t much difference between towns. In every town transport is expensive and buses, trolleybuses, trams are old and rusty. In other towns people most travel by bus, by car, by tube… The tube does not exist in our town and I think it will never be in our town. Our town hasn’t any money for building a tube. It is very expensive but transport with tube is faster than buses and car. The tube transfers much people in shorter time as another traffic. Between buses, trolleybuses and trams are not many differences. They are equally expensive, they transport people in equally time to their destination and in comfort is no difference too. But these three transport vehicles have a huge difference in the ecology question. Trolleybuses and trams don’t pollute the air, and this is very good thing for us. We don’t have to breath polluted air, which goes from the buses. The cars pollute the air too, but traveling with cars is more comfortable as mass transportation. If the whole family travels by one car, they will pay the same amount of money as they would pay by traveling by mass transportation. The same comfortable transport is taxi, but it is very expensive and than we rather travel cheaper an uncomfortable and rusty mass transportation. Comfortable transport vehicle for distance track is train. The train in our country costs the same as buses.

If I had choose transport a I would travel by flying carpet. 
Why? 1. he don’t need any fuel = any money is not noisy
3. it doesn’t pollute the air takes you where you want in a short time.
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