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Medicine Through the Ages
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To cauterise or seal it with hot iron or hot oil
Ambroise Paré-a french surgeon stopped it, he made a dressing of eggs whites, oil,roses & terpentine, also used to stop bleeding after amputation
-the infections nature of the plague was recognized
differenet practiciouers-physician,surgeons,apothecaries & wise man also
barber surgeons-would advertise with a red & white rotation pole outside they shops, they perform a variety of tasks including cutting & shaving hair, extracting teeth, lancing bolis, setting broken bones, blood-letting & amputation.

Vessel-cieva physician-lekár task-robota
Cauterization-leptanie variety-rozmanitosť pole-stíp

-period of inventions
1895-X-rays (electo-magnetic radiaton) by Wilhem Röntgen, imprtant in the 1.W.W for locating bullet and shrapnel wounds
Lady Mary Wortley Montague- brought from Turkey to Europe the idea of inoculation
-19th century- cholera & tuberculosis
Robert Koch-his research on bacteria won him the Nobel Prize in 1905
-he identified the microbes that caused tuberculosis 1882 and cholera 1883
Joseph Lister- first method of preventing infection during an operation -> an carbolic spray-antiseptic 1867,surgeons wore clean clothes, operating theatre was kept clean and the instruments were regulary disinfected
Edward Jenner- vaccination
Humpy Davy-laughing gas-anaesthetics
James Simpson-chloroform
1860-nurse training started
-also woman began to study medicine
Elizabeth Garett Anderson-first female doctor
Public haelth:- introduction of toilets , Tobacco was used as a medicine chewing it to protect agains the plague, resuscitator kit was insented
Fads: health spas ,electric batery(they thought it has a medicinal power)

Bulett-guľka vaccination-zaočkovať spas-
Inoculation-naočkovanie kit-náčinie
Carbolic-fenol fads-módny výstrelok

1904- Nobel Prize for discovery of radium by Rene & Marie Curie
1911- for Maria’s X-ray equipment in the surgery
diseases: cancer, heart defect
1928-Alexander Fleming- penicilin
1967-Christian Bernard-first organ(hearth) transplatacion
1900-difference between the main blood groups
-introduction of wering rubber gloves
-keyhole surgery use endoskope attached to probe organs
-microsurgery, enabling surgeons to rejoin tiny nervs and blood vessels
NHS-National Health Service
In 1948 the stone of public health in Britan
Influence of Western medicine:homeopathy
far east: Yoga and acupuncture

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