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Teen Pregnancy
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When the people of a country are too concerned with things like war and poverty, they will not be starting programs to provide contraceptives to teens because they decided to have sex. It is very logical but the great thing is that the people today are much more thoughtful in a way that they act upon thought with movements to help to educate and support teens all across the nation. “Teenage pregnancy has always been present in society. There is research stating that about half the women, born between 1900- 1910, who were interviewed were non-virginal at marriage. This contradicts some thoughts that premarital sexual behavior is something new. There was another study done in 1953, it found that one fifth of all first births to women were conceived before marriage. Even before our modern openness in discussing sexual behavior and acceptance that it does occur, it was quite routine.” (1, Teen Pregnancy)

I am not one to come and suggest exactly how we should go about solving this problem. I do however believe that I know the source of such a high increase of teen pregnancy is from. In today’s society, we have a very demanding world and the expectations from today’s teen are very high and only growing. The teens obviously realize that the expectations are high and the road has only begun so anything that will provide a temporary escape for a teen seems like a great thing to do for one’s self. It is only natural to for intercourse to take place when he/she needs to feel good. The feeling of love and no worries relieves that person from everything going on around them. The extreme pressure of their peers, parents, and others will not exist during sex. I think the main reason why the teen pregnancy problem is increasing is because we are demanding more and more from today’s teens and expect them to be completely normal. How can people modify the environment of a human being to a point when there is no time for play and when there is, because of extreme competition that teen will feel guilty about that little bit of time, I know I do. I believe that education is very crucial to attack this problem. The best way to go about solving problem such as teen pregnancy would be to do it indirectly. It is a moral decision by that person weather or not to be sexually active. Educators can provide today’s teens with the correct information about the consequences of sex and the results in different scenarios. I think that it is a huge misconception with the educators that the only represent one side of the story when trying to educate teens.
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