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Teen Pregnancy
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If I knew that I was going to have the same baby and end up in the same position that I am now, I would do it all over again. I know that just telling most teens to wait, to have sex, won't change their minds. I don't want to tell anyone what they should and should not do. They would probably feel that I was bossing them around and sticking my nose where it does not belong. I just wanted to shed some light on the many experiences that, at least some teens, go through when they are put in a situation similar to my own.” (1, Tera’s Personal Essay on Teen Pregnancy) As anyone can tell, this teen has matured very much and wants to help others in coping with their pregnancy issues. “Parenthood catapults teens instantly into adulthood, robbing them of the joys of being a child. Once these opportunities are missed, they are gone for good.” (25, Teen Pregnancy) Teens these days mature very quickly when they need to. I strongly believe that people that are faced with issues as serious as this step up to the plate immediately and fill in the shoes needed to be filled. One thing that is very obvious these days is that there is a lot of effort being made to help those in need in our country. The United States Government and those in charge are constantly starting programs to help the people that need the aid. Teens are the next generation of tomorrow and they will run the country soon enough and one of the reasons why it is worth it to invest so much into them is because the money will flow right back into the country. “The Birmingham Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, a multiagency project involving health, education and voluntary organization representatives, this year received funding of pounds 350,000.It has now been awarded an extra pounds 194,000 which it plans to spend on projects to boost the self-esteem of vulnerable young people and broaden their horizons. The cash is part of a pounds 40 million Government grant to support the implementation of its Teenage Pregnancy Strategy over the next three years.” (1, Blakemore)
The setting where teen pregnancy is a very big issue is places where communication is not practiced as well as in other countries. We learn about pregnancy from the media. We learn from the characters in TV shows, we hear about adopted children, and so on and so on. If people are not exposed to such things, they might not have the insight to think that much through the future before starting to have sex. If you do not know what can happen, it can still hurt you and in this case ignorance is not bliss.
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