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Teen Pregnancy
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I think that in those parts of the United States, it is the parent’s job to make sure their kids are fully informed about the consequences and risks of being sexually active. “Another large issue parents deal with is when is the correct time to teach their kids about sexuality and sex? Some feel that if they present this information to their children at an early age then we are encouraging them to go out and have sex. However this is not the case because if the parents do not talk to the kids at an early stage of development, the kids will pick up the information from the television and from older kids.” (1, Teen Pregnancy)
Maybe a more practical approach would be to fund the schools with the right program to teach teens about sex instead of having different methods and ideas thought all over the country. Some countries have come up with alternative ways of going about pregnancy prevention.
“British schoolchildren are to be controversially asked to consider oral sex instead of intercourse as part of a drive to cut the country's high teen-age pregnancy rate. Sex education teachers are being trained to discuss with youngsters various "stopping points" on the road to full sex in a bid to reduce the number of pregnancies, the government said yesterday. The idea is to encourage pupils to discover "levels of intimacy," including oral sex, that stop short of intercourse. But the plan has been criticized as unworkable by family groups. “(1, Britain schools to suggest oral sex to cut teen pregnancy rate)
How can the country put so much money into something and not have it be done right. Some of the methods that are being thought are so contradictory. The result of all those different ways of teaching teens can not be the same and if the government feels like they can teach all these different things and still be improving the country, they are dead wrong. They are in no doubt in the right direction; it just needs more and more organization. Out of all the governments around the world, I believe that the United States cares most about its own teens and takes the quickest and most effective steps to better the living of their youth. We can all criticize each other’s methods of doing things but with so much education and results, we should be able to come up with an idea of the general direction of how sex education should be thought. Some places are teaching abstinence, some are teaching contraceptives, some are teaching both, some are not teaching at all, but they all have one thing in common, that is that they all have the same good intentions. The United States population is growing more and more every year.
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