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Teen Pregnancy
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Teen pregnancy is an issue. It is an issue that we must face no matter how bitter it might be. More and more teens are becoming sexually active ever year and the country is directly receiving the damage from it. More and more teens are having babies that they are not ready for. Most of them are not responsible or financially solid people to support another human being while living on their own. The majority can not even live on their own alone. It is a sad but true fact that is around us. “The first emotional state that most pregnant girls face when they find out they are pregnant is shock and then denial. Most girls dont want to believe that this has happened to them. When the panic settles, the girl is faced with an enormous decision, should she terminate the pregnancy, keep the baby, or give it up for adoption once it is born. Panic and desperation can become overwhelming at this point and some teens, due to thinking that there is no other option may try to inflict self-harm or even terminate their own pregnancies. Mood swings and abnormal reactions to things that may have never bothered them before are common.” (1, Teen Pregnancy)
To solve a problem, we must look at the root, the stem, where is the problem starting? Some might say that parents are to blame for not educating their children with the right information or bringing them up the right way to be able to handle themselves in sexual situations or to prevent those situations from ever happening. There use to be virtually no support for teens in struggle before 1985. The US government was not nearly as established at it is today and they had other important issues to deal with. If there is not much to do in the area that you lived in, you were bound to start being curious about sex and eventually trying it and with contraceptives and protection not being as accessible as it is today, many teens were getting pregnant and receiving no support from anyone. Not from their peers, their family, and obviously no strangers. Those teens struggled much more than today’s teens. Sex education was not everywhere and a lot of the school’s did not think that it was even necessary. So with no education and no support for pregnant teens, the situation was very bad for a pregnant teen. There are many different reasons for why things were the way that they were in the past.
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