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Education in Great Britain
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Historical backround

Free and compulsory edu. Funded by the state and guaranted by law became available in 1870 for children aged from 5 to 10.
In 1944 a new law raised the leaving age to 15.All edu. Beyond the age of 11 became secondary.At that age most children went to sec. Modern sch. While about a fifth of all children ,chosen by examination went to grammar sch.,aiming to gain certificates at 16 and then 18 leading to further edu.Before 1965most children in the country had to take an exam at about age of 11 at the end of their primary shooling.If they passed this exam ,they went to a grammar sch. Where they were taught academic subjects to prepare than to univer.,the proffessions,the managerial jobs or oher highly skilled jobs.If they failed they went to a sec. Moder.sch. where the lessons had more technical and practical basis.The children who went ot sec.mod.sch. tended to be seen as failures and many people argued that it was wrong for a person´s future life to be decided at so zuong an age.Over the next decade the division into grammar sch. And sec.mod.sch.was changed.These days most 11yrs old go on the same local sch. Which are called comprehensive sch.
In 1986 a new G.C.S.E.(General certificate of sec edu.)was introduced. This was designed to give scope for all children(uplatnenie) of all types and inclinations(zaluba) to pass at about the age of 16,in at least some subjects corresonding with their talents.The certificates are awarded on the basis partly of examination,partly of course work ,prtly on work on projects undertaken by the children.The tests are administered by several different examing boards which are of central and local goverment.Children who continue their edu. After 16 in what is commonly called the sixth form prepare themselves to try to gain vocational(povolanie) or proffesional certificates or diplomas. Those who hope to continue after 18 at univers.or other higher levl colleges aim to gain advanced level G.C.S.E.certificates ,usually in 3 subjects and entry to the univer.
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