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System of Education in Australia and in the Czech Republic
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System of Education in Australia and in the Czech Republic
Each country has its own system of education, which can vary a lot one from another. It is interesting that even so far away a land as Australia has a rather similar system of education as the Czech Republic. Despite that, there are some differences in the general organization of education and in the pre-school, primary, secondary and university education.
There are several differences in general organization of educational system. The Australian system of education is not unified. The education depends on each state government. The Federal government decides only about the education of the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory, unlike in the Czech Republic, where the system of education is unified by law. School attendance is compulsory from age of six until the age of fifteen in both countries. However, in Australia, special schools for children who live far from the school are provided. They are called Correspondence School and School of the Air, where children can communicate with through radio and television.
With regards to the pre-school centers and primary education the system does not differ. In both states, there are kindergartens and nurseries for little children, while in Australia, there are even mobile kindergartens. Primary education is then provided by primary schools for children aged six to fifteen years.
Secondary education differs a bit. In Australia, there are secondary schools mostly in a form of comprehensive high schools. After three or four years of studies at the secondary school, the pupils may leave the school and find a job. Another possibility is to carry on studying for two more years and pass a school leaving exam. In contrast, in the Czech Republic, there are high schools called middle school or gymnasium. After four years of studying the pupils have to pass a graduation exam. There is also a possibility to attend the gymnasium for eight years in case the children left the primary school after the fifth grade. They have to finish the school with graduation exam as well. Both, the graduation exam and the school leaving exam give the right to enter a university or a college. In both countries, there specialized secondary schools; in Australia there are also area and rural schools for three years.
There are also differences in the length of a school year.
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