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The Transport - Logical division essay
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The Transport

The importance of the transport still increases. It arranges a connection of particular part of the economy -- the industry and theagriculture. Transport is absolutely necessary in contemporary global world. It transmits the people, but mainly the products of the economy for a distances of various lenght. There are three main parts of the transport -- continental, marine (naval) and aeronautical (airborne).
We can divide the continental transport into four particular parts. They are automobile, railway, tubular and inland nautical.
The automobile transport is the fastest developing type of the transport. It provides mainly the transport of the people and freight for a shorter distance and it has the biggest quotient on the capacity of the transport. The quality of the roadnet differs a lot. In the developing countries the roads usually has unstable surface while in the economically advanced countries there are a modern motorways forming a comprehensive net of a communications.
Other important type is the railway transport. It´s mainly used for transmission of the freight for a middle or longer distance. In the developed countries the capacity of the railways decreases (due to the increasing importance of the automobile transport). Main economic centres are connected with new very fast trains (TGV in France, Hikari in Japan etc.). The suburbian railways are built in the the big cities. The importance of the railway transport lies in the transcontinental transport of the freight (Russia, China, India). In Africa, Asia and South America railway is still very important for the public transport.
Due to the low transport costs and minor effect upon the environment the importance of the tubular transport still increases. It´s used for the transmission of the petroleum, the gas and the liquid products on the continent but even on the seabed for a long distance.
As the automobile, railway and tubular transport is rather young, the inland nautical transport has existed for ages. It uses the navigable rivers and lakes. It´s significant in some developing countries of Africa, Asia and South America.
Another big type of the transport -- marine or naval -- utilize the waters of the oceans and the seas. It transmits a materials of a big capacity (such as petroleum, the ores, the grain, the wood...) for a long distance. The importance of the ports and the harbors has grown up with the development of the naval transport.
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