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From what you know...
a) What does tourism comprise?
b) In relation to a given country, what form of tourism can you distinguished?
c) What is tourism expenditure?
d) What are the main categories of tourism expenditure?
e) What is the standard classification of means of transport?

One of the major difficulties in studying the tourism phenomenon is that of defining it. Indeed, tourism is a complex many-side human phenomenon. It is important for measurment, statistics and reporting that standardized definitions of tourism be used. The following are som of the WTO definitions of tourism:
Tourism comprises: ‘the activities od persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual enviroment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes.’

All types travellers engaged in tourism are described as visitors. Therefore the term VISITOR represents the basic concept for the whole system of tourism statistics. TOURIST: a persom travelling to and staying in places outside his/her usual enviroment for not more that one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes.
OVERNIGHT VISITORS: who stay at least one night in a collective or private accomodation in the place visited.
This definition include cruises passangers who arrive in a country on a cruise ship and return to the ship each night to sleep a board, even though ship remains in port for several days. Also included in this group are owners or passangers of yacht and passengers on a group tour accomodated in a train. SAME-DAY VISITORS: visitors who do not spend the night in collective or private accomodation in the place visited.

DOMESTIC TOURISM: involving residents of the given country travelling only within this country
INBOUND TOURISM: involving non residents travelling in the given country*
OUTBOUND TOURISM: involving residents travelling in another country

*It is often useful to classify visitors by country of residence, rather than by nationality.

DOMESTIC TOURISM: any person who resides in a country, who travels to a place within the country, outside his usual enviroment for a period non exceeding 12 months, and whose main purpose is other than the exercise of an activity remunerated within the place visited.
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Zdroje: M.Jacob- P.Strutt, English for International Tourism ,Longmann, 2003, Tourism and Local Agenda 21, UNEP/ICLEI, UN, New York, 2003
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