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The American Indians
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Something about Pima- It is North Native American tribe of the Southwest culture area , living in the Salt and Gila (river , rising in the mountains of southern New Mexico and flowing westward across Arizona). Gila flows also trough mountain canyons.Here in this tribe is noticeable , that they watered fields by diging the irrigation canals with wooden tools. Also their homes were single-family living in domed little wooden houses , made also of mud and brush. Hohokams lived in southern Arizona and they traded with people of northern sectors also of the Southwestern culture area what helped to people of the northern sectors to create their own tradition , and by AD 700 they were called ANASAZI tradition. They like Hohokams grew maize , beans and squash and also lived in towns in adobe houses , divided into blocks because those towns were big and they nedeed to name every part of town , those towns were also protected with walls all around the town. During the summer time whole families lived in their little houses in fields.
Somewhere after 1275 came the worst period for Anasazi tradition , also many Anasazi farms and towns were left empty because of the incoming period of extremly dry weather. There was not enough rain for growing , which made them leave the northern sector. However , farms which were along the river Rio Grande , grew and watered their plants. Anasazi were also called PUEBLOS (Spanish gave them that name which in Spanish means "village") , because when they came (Spanishman) they changed Anasazi name to Pueblo.
I didn't mention which villages exist in this cultural area. The eastern villages , located along the river Rio Grande were Isleta , Jemez , Nambe , Picuris , San Ildefonso , San Juan , Santa Clara and Taos. In this area (these villages) was spoken the Tanoan language. Most interesting villages are Isleta : this is one of the three largest settlements of Pueblo people (after Luñi and Laguna). It was populated with about 2000 settlers.
Taos : was the first village visited by Spanish in 1540 and until 1615 they were already settled there , wanted to rule.
Somewhere in 1680 Pueblos revolted and for some time the Spanish were driven out but thez returned in 1696. This included all sectors of Southwestern culture area. It was the colonisation of the New World. Also there were the other villages like Cochiti , Santa Ana , Santo Domingo , Santa Felipe and Zia. Here were spoken Keresan languages. Western villages where also were spoken Keresan languages are Acoma Pueblo and Laguna. In Acoma Pueblo village the major product was pottery.
Pottery was very wide-spread in America because the Pots were used for everything.
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