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The American Indians
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Navajo religion includes the worship of the wind and watercourses. The ceremonies are performed by masked and painted man who are representing those gods.
Apache : Apache people are the group of six culturally related tribes speaking Athapaskan languages (Athapaskan is a group of languages spoken in northwestern Canada and parts of Alaska, , Oregon and California. It also includes Navajos). These six cultural related tribes are : the Kiowa Apache , the Lipan , the Icarilla , the Mescalero , the Chiricahua and the Western Apache. The Apache were a nomadic people , and they were primarily hunters of buffalo , but they also practiced limited farming. They were also warriors. In their traditional culture , women gathered food , wood and water, while man were hunting. Houses were also made by women , and it was traditional wickiups – houses made usually of wood and also by covering and framework of arched poles with mats of bark , grass , or branches. Marriage wasn't very important because they lived in polygamic relationships and usually the line of genealogical relationship was followed by the female side of a family. To the Apache religion was fundamental part of life. Ga′ns were the protective mountain spirits who were represented in religious rites.
In the western sector of the Southwest lived the inhabitants who spoke Iuman languages. It was the HAVASUPAI tribe , and the MOJAVE tribe.Havasupai is little tribe and it has now about 550 people. In the autumn and winter months they moved from the plateau in Cataract Canion (a branch of the Grand Canion) to the Canion under the plateau. Because they lived at the bottom of canion , isolated and almost selfsupporting , they have preserved their traditions to a greater degree than any other Southwestern tribe. Major product were basketry.

Eastern Woodlands

The Eastern Woodlands region includes the northeastern Unated States and southeastern Canada. Meny distinct cultures developed in this area and date as far back as 7000 BC. These people had benefite from good climat and rich natural resources. They depend on hunting deer , gathering nuts and wild cereal crops. Cultivation of plants which are going to be used for food was learned from Mexicans. Plants like sunflower , amarauth , marshelder and spinach were also farmed. Also they gathered shellfish and fishing was increased. Off the coast of Maine fishing included also catching swordfishes. Copper was mined in the Great Lakes area , and fom that copper every kind of ornaments were made.
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