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The American Indians
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From stone were made little sculptures.
People of this area are:
Hopewell people about 200 BC organised into wide trading networks and started building large mound–covered tombs for their leaders and for religious ceremonies and rituals. They grew maize , but also were used types of food like gathered fruits and nuts and other. They declined somewhere about 400 AD.
Mississippian culture developed about 750 in the Midwest. They bult their towns on great mounds. They also made earth platforms , so they could built their houses. Mounds were usually used for building the grest plazas, where usually stood beautiful temples with tombs under it. These tembles were used for ceremonies. For example : across the Mississippi River from present – day St. Louis , Missoury , the Mississippians built the city Cahokia.This city stood on a mound 30 m high and about 110 m long , and anot 49 m wide. This mound in that part or area was the largest mound. The people who lived there, and some of them still are Iroquois , the Delaware , the Micmac , the Naraganset , the Shawnee , the Potawatomy and otheres. There were meny other tribes with their way of life as similar to these tribes.
Iroquois are iroquoian language speaking people. They live in Eastern woodlands culture area. The original confederacy consisted of five tribes, which were known as the Five Nations. Those were the Mohawk , Onandaga ,Cayuga , Oneida and Seneca tribe. Their economy was based mostly on agriculture. They grew maize , beans , pumpkins , also tabacco , which was new in growing plants. Later they grew fruit trees like apples and peaches. But there was not just agriculture, fine pottery were also made, like splinted baskets and wampum ( small polished beads made from shalls, used for ceremonies or as money) was used in exchange.Towns where they lived had several communal houses which had tribal and significance. These elections were usually unanonimous.
Delaware people are Algonquian speaking people. The Delaware called themselves Lenni Lenape which in Indian means "original people". European named them Delaware because they lived along the Delaware River and its tributaries. Into Delaware confederacy are included the tribes Munsee , Unalachtigo and Unami. Characteristics of the Delaware tribe are tolerance and tranquility , because even when Europeans came they stayed calm. People from this region remain in their own little comunities and they stayed faithful to their traditional way of lif

The Southeas

The area of the Southeast culture has a subtropical climate and the pine forests were spreaded all over the countryside.This area extends from Atlantic coast west to central Texas.
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