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Quality sport shoes are important as well.
Cycling has become very fashionable. In riding a bike we must pay attention not just to its accessories, but mainly we must know traffic regulations. Undisciplined cycling leads to the risk of traffic accidents. Many people are thus needlessly hurt and some even die-
Most of us swim just for recreation. In summer we allways spend a lot of time near water. We swim, dive and jump. Water sports include swimming for speed, water polo and diving. Aquabelles arouse a great deal of interest and admiration. In the summer we surf on the water or take boat rides. In winter the frozen water surface is suitable for skating.
For winter is typical a lot of snow. We often go to mountains to do downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or the slalom. Other winter sports include sledging, bobsled or bob-sleigh riding. In winter we must beware of being swept away by an avalanche.
There are many sports organizations that hold matches, inter-city competitions and friendly meetings of sportsmen. The best sportsmen can take part in international competitions, in which they represent their country. A professional sportsman usually has his own coach. During physical education children practise not only athletics but also various types of ball games and gymnastics. Physical education is a compulsory subject at elementary and secondary schools.
During adolescence and adulthood we have less and less free time. A sport, like other hobbies, requires time. So we should organise our daily program to have enough time for sports. It isn´t important to cultivate sport competively, as to do so recreationally. It gives us a break from our daily cares and helps to fortify our health. Activity, nature and the fresh air affect to our bad lifestyle positively.
The most talented sportsmen can even take part in the Olympic Games. We distinguish Summer and Winter Olympic Games. They take place every four years. The first games were held in 776 B.C. They were based on the customs of the ancient Greeks. The Olympic Games are an international competition and are a great event on the world of sports. As reward for victory a sportsman may obtain bronze, silver or gold medal.
When we do sports recreationally victory or loss doesn´t have to be of concern to us. It´s good to simply enjoy the fact that we are moving and thus contributing to our good health and physical condition.
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