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The Little Prince
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As they were talking, step by step the pilot got answers to his questions. They learned from each other. The prince was getting to know things on the earth for example how a plane works and what lambs eat… He had a very good imagination. He told the pilot fables from his travels round the universe. The little prince taught the pilot to take good care of “ baobabs “ and not to not grow too much, because then its roots could expand and kill all plants around them .He probably wanted to signify that people should take care of their duties sooner rather than later.

The little prince was telling the boy how he really likes sunsets. They are really beautiful when the yellow, orange ball with red rays slowly sets beyond the horizon. It seems like there should be a rule given by nature to be quiet during a sunset. Next he was talking about his plant, a small rose. It was the only flower on his planet, and it was so beautiful and proud of itself. Always when the sun comes up its petals opened its leaves and they absorbed the sun’s rays. I was trying to understand why he loved it so much and it was not so hard to grasp. He considered the beautiful flower to be his only real friend. He couldn´t talk much To dead. And the flower was totally different, absolutely not high and mighty. Rose thought she is unique and she wanted to be unique. She was first who started talking. (I do not understand the underlined words)
He wanted to know other planets, asteroids and life there so he left his planet and started to look for others.
On the first planet lived a king with an ermine coat. He liked to rule to everybody. He was so lonely on his planet and was very pleased to see the little prince. He had very sensible thoughts and would know if he asked for something impossible from his servants. So he didn’t have any servants so it wouldn’t be his fault when they didn’t do what he wanted .The logic of this is that this Mr. was actually excusing himself from not being able to rule all the planets and all the stars.
The second planet belonged to Bighead. He was really pleased when somebody was admiring him, he also wore a big hat, that he could do a low bow. When he was on his planet by himself, nobody could not admire him and I felt really sorry for him, because for bighead, company is very important. To be a bighead it’s not a birth gift but money makes people be like that. Where there’s money there are people. This bighead only had his hat unluckily for him
The third one belonged to Drunkard.
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