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The Little Prince
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When he saw the pilot’s unsuccessful painting he criticised, but then he said: “Oh it will be good, children can understand very easily.”
The next day was supposed to be an anniversary day of his landing and the little prince wanted to spend it on exactly the same place, where he landed
He was explaining to Antonio, he had to go back home, because he was responsible for his flower, but he was asking him not to go with him not to go there, just because he would look like he was dying. But after the snake bite he didn’t die that night, he just had to leave his body there because it was too heavy for him to take to his planet as it was to far. All the pilot’s narration is remembrance for the little prince after six years. He realised he forgot to draw a lead to the lamb’s muzzle, and that’s why we can speculate what happened there on the prince’s planet.
“ Take a long look on the sky. Ask yourself: Did the lamb eat the little rose yes or no? And you will see how everything will change… And no adult will ever understand why it is so important”.
“ All adults were children first. (But hardly any can remember it.”)
Yes this is exactly what this book is all about, how humans mature slowly and how they get their knowledge, experience and become an adult and lose not only there child naivety but also child innocence. They live so fast, think rationally and realistically, constantly doing some business solving problems which are deeply cogitative which stops things being noticed around. Everything is made so complicated when things are so easy. Like when the little prince was with the pilot and found Spring and the prince said: “The people grow five thousand roses in one garden and they cannot find what they are looking for, and yet what they look for, can be found in one rose or in a drop of water”.
The little prince reminds us of our childhood, that innocent and carefree children’s thoughts, that fantasy and platitude, unique charm hidden in each of us, but people push it more and more so thoughts disappear. But they do not skip they slumber and wait to be woken up by the little prince.
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