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New York
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There are interesting shops, cafes, art galleries and ´off-broadway´ theatres. A quiet place to get away from the noise and the crowds of the city is Central Park. New Yorkers love to walk and play there. It offers various summer and winter attractions such as zoo, ice-skating rink, an open air theatre, tennis courts, bikings paths, children playgrounds, concerts and dances. And what you can do after dinner in one of the 17 000 restaurants, cafes, fast foods? It is said that you can eat in N.Y. every night for fifty years and never visit the same cafe or restaurant twice. So in the evening you can go to the theatre, or the ballet, or perhaps listen to some music. You can do something different every night of the week. Most of the theatres are in the streets near Times Square and on Broadway. N.Y. is a wonderful city for music, especially jazz. Sometimes you can hear a rock concert at Madison Square Garden, which is also place to go to see basketball and hockey games. Americans love to watch an exciting games such as baseball or hockey. National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadow is place for tennis lovers. There is organized U.S. Open Tennis Championship every September. N.Y.´s museums have the work of some of the world´s best and most famous atrists. The favourite is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you do not like art and culture, you can go shopping. You can buy everything you want, and as N.Y.s said everything you do not want, too. You have lot of opportunities in N.Y., so you can spend there 24 hours non-stop without sleeping or any relax. I think that N.Y. belongs to the most famous and interesting cities in the world...
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