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Harrods is owned by the Egyptian, Mohammed Al Fayed.

In the USA the strongest companies are Woolworth, C&A, Quele, and McDonald´s.

Department stores are usually huge buildings, equipped with speedy lifts and escalators, where you can buy almost everything from food to furniture. They offer a wide selection of goods in different price ranges and have thousands of articles in stock. There are various departments, for example Laundry, Electronics, Beds and bedding, Boyswear, Girlswear, Leather goods, etc. The High Street
In the centre of most towns and villages there is a main street with lots of different shops. This street is usually called the High Street. The high streets in Britain are beginning to look more and more the same. This is because they are full of branches of big chain stores. One of the best-known chain stores is Mark´s & Spencer´s, which sells clothes and food. The company has over 700 stores world-wide and has a reputation for good quality. If you buy something that you decide you don´t like, you can take it back and get your money back.

Charity shops
In most high streets there is a charity shop – a special type of second-hand shop. All the profits from sale go to the charity. People go there and give there things, which they don´t want anymore. So you can buy cheap things and also help others. Oxfam is the best-known chain of charity shops and it sells second-hand clothes and books.

My shopping

An average Czech family goes shopping every day to a local shop or supermarket for neccessary food. Once a week they usually do one bigger purchase for the weekend and from time to time they have to buy clothes, shoes, household utensils and equipment. I go shopping only exceptionally, mainly on Saturdays. I usually buy bread, milk, yoghurts, newspaper and sometimes fruit. My mother goes shopping every day. She buys bread, yoghurts, fruit, vegetables and meat. When we go to our cottage for the weekend, we do our purchase in a supermarket or a hypermarket. I don´t like shopping at these shopping centres because there are lots of people, who are inconsiderate to each other and it´s a noisy place. The real shopping rush comes before Christmas, when everyone wants to buy nice presents for friends and relatives. My favourite shop is a bookstore. I go round the shop, have a look at new book titles, and then I choose and buy that, what seems to be interesting. I´m usually satisfied with my choice. Sometimes I buy small presents for my friends, but sometimes it´s hard to choose a unique and nice present. With shopping are connected money. It´s my problem. Although I save money, later I spend it all in the bookstore or somewhere else. If you want to buy something, you must have money, nothing is free of charge.
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