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Mass media
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Some adult also say, that TV has bad influence on kind. Many people all over the world, especially women, like watching soap operas. Americam soaps are about rich and atractive people who live their exotic life, they have lot of experience cars, houses,.. English sops are quite different, they are about ordinary and normal characters and everyday situations. Many others thing that watching soaps is wothless wasting of time. There are 4 TV channels:
BBC-1 present more programmes of general interests, such as light entertaiment, sport and children´s programmes.
BBC-2 provides travel programmes, serious drama, music, international films and early morning of news, which are long 2 hours.

In every newspaper and on every radio, there is a lot of advertisement. It is even the source of inf. and we have to see and hesr it if we want or not. The hightest quality of adverts is on TV. They are usually broadcast during good film. Many people hate them and they turn to another station when the advert starts. Adverts on radio are not so long. It is likewise in the newspapers. Another form of adverts is flyer. Internet is full of adverts. Internet:
Internet has become the most popular of inf. in last years. It gives you the opportunity to find the inf. you need. Young people use it to communication by useing chat. On chat they can online see on their monitor what the partner is writing and can answer his questions. Many people say that internet is the future of comunication.
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