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Shopping and Services
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dress, shirts, skirts-plain or pleated, pullowers, trousers, blouses- make of cotton or made of silk, jackets, polo-neck pullowers, jeans, hats, stockings, scarves, gloves,raincoat, overcoat, tie, ...
- some boutiques offer leather goods such as leather jacket, belt, gloves, trousers, bags and shoes
Ironmonger`s- we can buy there nails, hammer, pliers, scissors, ...
Grocer`s- we can buy there foodstuff
Pet shop
Haberdasher`s- we can buy there zipps, buttons, threads, needles, pins, ...
Greengrocer`s- we can buy there carot, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, beans, garlic, onion, cabbage, lettuce, pumpkin, peas, courgette, peppers, cucumber, parsnip, ...
Fruiterer`s- we can buy there cherries, apple, banana, peach, grapes, kiwi, fig, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit, lime, lemon, orange, blackberries, pineapple, mango, passion fruit
Newsagent`s- we can buy there newspapers, magazines, crossroads, letters, stamps, ...
Off-licence- we can buy there vine- red, white, soft, ..., also many sorts of alcohol
Stationer`s- we can buy there writing paper, pen, glue, scissors, notebooks, wrapping paper, crayons, rubber, fountain pen, ball-point pen, ...
Antique shop
Cake shop- we can buy there doughnuts, chocolate chip muffin, sponge cake, scones, meringue, petits fours, swiss roll, ...
Gift shop
Shoe shop
China and glassware shops
Toy shop
Launderette- we bring our clothes, than we insert a coin into the slot, than we wait
Dry cleaners- we bring our clothes, and we don`t have to clean them ourselves

Hire-purchase is a way of buying an article by paying the prize in weekly or monthly instalments.
Or you can pay also by cheque, credit card or in cash.
Window shopping is the acctivity of looking at goods without intending to buy them.
Shopping around is to search carefully for goods that are the best value or most suitable.
High Street is the main shopping street in a town.
Barcode is a group of thin lines-black and white, printed on goods for sale, containing information for a computer.
Convenience food is food you can easy prepare.

My thought
I like shopping. Shopping for me is a pleasure because I like buying clothes and cosmetics. But I especially dislike Christmas shopping because of the long queues. I dislike Butcher`s because I don`t like meat. I like clothes shops and department stores.My mum does most of the shopping in our family. I think, the quality of goods is about the same than in other European countries. The prizes are high compared to people`s wages. Shop assistants should be more polite.

Is a sistem that provide something that the public needs. It`s organized by the government or privat company.
We know many types of services, f.e.
Post office is a national organization in many countries,that is responsible for colecting and delivering letters, post cards, ...
Bank is an organization, that provides various financial services, keeping or lending monez, we can put our money into a bank account. Each bank has also a cash dispensor. And we can withdrow our money any time we want.
Police is an official organization, who`s job is to make people obey the law and to prevent and solve the crime.
Petrol station is a place at the side of the road where you take your car to buy petrol, gas, oil.
Milk/ paper round is a daily delivery of milk and newspaper.
Shoes repairs
Photo coppie
Window cleaners
Many services can be ordered by telefon (Yellow pages).Services are also advertised in classified ads.
Advertisement is a notice/picture/film telling people about product, job or service. Many advertisements use humor or fantasy to attract our attention and they try to shop us that we remember their massage. Most of them are colorfull with pleasant music. Actors are ussually young people, they use short sentences, rhymes and comparisions to be cat.
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