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The highest are the Rocky Mountains on the western part of the country. The other mountains are Mackenzie Mts. and Melville Hills. On the east there are mostly lowlands. Between the mountains and the lowlands there is a region of prairies and woods. This is a region with very good fertile soil suitable for agriculture especially for wheal.
Northern parts of Canada lie in the Artic zone and are covered with tundra. The region is very cold with very low temperatures and ever frozen soil. The biggest river is the Lawrence River in the east witch empties in the Atlantic Ocean. There is the Yukon River which flows in the Artic Ocean. It became famous during the Alaskan gold-rush. The Columbia River empties in the Pacific Ocean. Canadian are very rapid deep and rich in water and very suitable for building water power plants. The larges lakes are the Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake.

The original population of Canada is Eskimos who now live only in Labrador, Newfoundland and on the island in the Artic ocean and Indians who live on reservation or in towns. The origin inhabitants were Inuit – Eskimos – their language was called Inuktitut. The fist people who came and settled Canada were the French and later the country got under the English rule. There are also many minority groups for example the Chinese, the Polish, the Italian…

Canadian English
Canadian English s different from Standard British English in grammar, intonation, pronunciation and vocabulary. It is more like American English but there are differences. The Canadian have their own expressions and idioms. Canadian French is different from the language spoken in present day France. English and French has been influenced by other languages on the new continent. The important towns are:
Montreal near Great Lakes
Toronto – near Saskatchewan River
Vinepag – near Lake Vinipag
Vancouver – on the east coast
Halifax – New Scotland.
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