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Great Britain
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It’s mostly a mountainous country. Most of people live in the lowlands where are most big cities. Edinburgh, the capital is famous for its beautiful old town with many fine buildings and for its medieval castle which stand on an extinct volcano. It is also famous for festivals. During this festival E. is crowded with people. The biggest city is Glasgow.

Scotland is famous for whisky – the national alcohol. The word comes from Gaeltic language and means water of life. It is made from water, barley (jačmeň) and yeast (kvasnice). Another Scottish attraction is the men´s national costume – the short skirts called kilts that men wear instead of trousers. They are made of a woolen cloth called tartan. The national musical instruments are bagpipes. The biggest attraction is the Loch Ness monster. Many people believe that Nessie lives somewhere in this lake. Many people say that they have seen her and many say that they have a photos of her. All these photos are fakes. She looks like a snake, or the frog or worm or a dinosaur. The legend about Nessie started in the 6th century. It started because the water in this lake is very dark and thick.

It is the largest and the most populous part of GB. England is mostly lowland. This lowland has very good fertile. English heavy industry is concentrated in the middle part of the country. Birmingham is important industrial city.

Stanford upon Avon
Lies on the Avon river in central England. It is a birthplace of W. Shakespeare, the famous dramatist. Now it is a little town. Shakespeare spent very little time of his life, he lived and worked in London. The town is visited by a great number of tourists.
Shakespeare´s birthplace – the house where he was born in a middle class
The Grammar school – the poet attended in his young years
Ann´s Hathaway´s Cottage – the house of Shakespeare´s wife
The Royal Shakespeare theatre – famous theatre and there are presented only Shakespeare´s plays
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