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Great Britain
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It is a mysterious stone structure. It was believed that it was built by Celts but it isn´t true. It was built by some unknown nation. It consist of huge heavy stones arranged into 2 circles. It is a mystery how these ancient people could transport these stones for long distances with their primitive tools. Another mystery is how they could erect these huge stones. There are many theories about it. The best theory is that they probably had to dig a hole in the ground, then they put the lower part of the stone into the hole, then they tied ropes around the stone and pulled on the ropes to lift the stone. Historians don’t know why this structure was built. Some people think that it was an ancient church or an observatory.

It is a land of beautiful castles. Wales is a country of 2 languages, English and Welsh. Welsh is very interesting language with many long words and very difficult pronunciation. The Welsh are music – loving nation.

Northern Ireland
It is a region of conflicts between Catholics – the Irish and Protestants – the English who live there side by side. It started a long time ago. Ireland has been a catholic country since 5th century and later it was conquered by the English who were Catholics too. But the King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife but the Pope didin´t allow the divorce. So he established his own church. Ireland was divided into 2 parts, the independent Irish Republic and Northern Ireland – part of Britain. The Irish Republican Army makes terrorist attacks in which many innocent people have died. They often set explosives at public places.

The state systems of UK
The official name of the country is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UK consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In London are seats of the government, the Queen and Parliament. The parliament is divided into 2 parts – the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Members are elected for a five year. GB is a constitutional monarchy. The Constitution of the UK is unwritten, it is based on custom, tradition and common law.

National Flag and Anthem
British national flag is sometimes called Union Jack. It symbolizes the Union of England, Scotland and Ireland. Each country has its cross in the flag. England has St. George´s cross. The national Anthem is – God save the Queen.
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