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If you travelled to GB or USA what would you like to see?
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What to see and visit in the U.S. then?
Alike in GB, the capital of USA has a lot of landmarks to draw us with. Washington D.C., the capital, is famous for the well-known buildings such as White House – the residence of American presidents, Pentagon, Arlington´s National Cemetery, The Capitol, innumerable number of museums, and other interesting places. New York, „The Big Apple“, is the largest city in the U.S. It is also called „The city that never sleeps“, as it is alive with attractions all day and night. This city is famous for its skyscrapers, the best-known is the Empire State Building. What nobody should miss is The Statue of Liberty – a symbol of freedom, then parts like Time Square, Central park or Madison Square Garden and suburbs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, West Side and Harlem. This city has also been drawing our atention more since September 11th 2001 when the terrorist attack was made and the The World Trade Center, famous twin towers, were destroyed.

The USA are so wide, huge and full of great places to visit, but I definitely couldn´t miss also Los Algeles - well-known for suburbs as Hollywood and Beverly Hills, beaches, palm trees and nearby Disneyland. This place is crowded by lots of artists – film and music popstars whoyou can meet at every corner. Furthermore, cities as Chicago, San Francisco with Alcatraz prison or New Orleans – the home of jazz are worth of visit. This country is also home of the best players of ice-hockey, basketball or American football and to see at least one match is surely great and thrilling experience.
Both Great Britain and the USA can also pride with its exciting and beautiful nature and its beauties, in Britain it is especially Scotish and Irish country with its mountainous and always green scenery and USA has a famous Grand Canyon.

But when we want to travel to these countries, we also need to know important information and possibilities of accommodation, transport, and and other needed info, which could influence our stay there.
Firstly, the most essential thing before our trip is to get permission to enter the country. As far as Great Britain is concerned, it has been no problem to travel there since 18th December 2003 as the visas, needed for the enter before, have been cancelled. Visas to USA, on the other hand, have been still valid and since September 11th 2001 it has become even more difficult to get them as American government has made the conditions for it even stricter. And the conditions are: to prove your financial, economical and social commitments to Slovakia, so you come back to the country, to submit basic documents about your job, financial situation and purpose of a trip, besides, your passport has to be valid 6 months after leaving USA and the latest condition is taking your fingerprints.

What is also of big importance before journey, is information about accommodation and ways of transport. Chances to accommodate are probably same for both states. There is sufficiency of hotels of wide range of price categories, then motels, guest houses, youth hostels or even camps. Everything simply depend on your taste and financial situation. And it is same with transport. Nowadays, it is offered to travel either by plane, what is the fastest way to get where you want, or trains, coaches or even hiring cars are also possibilities. All these means of transport are of high standard and comfortable. Among the preparation steps we could also include information about weather, then money exchange and not less important is to manage travel insurance and of course to book tickets. After these steps we can just look forward to the trip and make the most of it.

These two countries are distinguishable, but one thing is alike for both. They deserve our attention and at least short visit and stay. So, when you have opportunity for it, don´t miss it and have fun and excitement while exploring new places and countries.
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