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Human rights

Human rights

It is difficult for me to write about discrimination. I mean racial because I don’t meet with it frequently in spite of it is one of the most pervasive forms of discrimination in the world. I personally don’t have any prejudice against Gypsies or better Romanies. But the fact is that we are the 1st from European countries in quantity of Gypsies on count of original inhabitants. The more I think about it, occurs me several cases of discrimination from my surroundings. Not only racial, but also sex discrimination.
In terms of human rights I really admire Americans. They were fighting for it while we were only sleeping.

Every person can be so astounding egoist. I’m sometimes really ashamed that I’m human. We could cruelly, brutally and unreasonably disparaged whole races and now they are judging us for our sins. This reciprocal grudge has been seriously enough. In my opinion it is time… no I think now it’s unfortunately late to correct our mistakes. That time is gone forever. We can’t make our old faults up for them. It has been done too much evil and there have been put too many victims down on the altars of nonsensical dogmas. We were not allowed to do something like that. When God and Christ told their followers to spread their belief further, they certainly didn’t mean religious hunt of inquisition, burning witches. That was only ours initiative.

Maybe you are asking: “Why is she using WE or US instead of them? I haven’t hurt anybody!” And now I will ask: Really? Are you absolutely sure? Did you take care of poor children from Africa or did you help any weak and sick old homeless man? Is it too much for your wallet? There are cheaper possibilities – contribute to charity for example. So did you? Probably it is not so obvious but these people are discriminated by society too, sometimes more than Gypsy without work.

We have (or better we had) our beautiful world, from which we have left only peaces until now. We should enjoy its colorful. Might man pull out beautiful red rose from patch of white ones only because of its color? If will such rose grow up in his garden he will protect her and he’ll show her like wonder to his friends. Why is it different between people? No one will be proud after Romany will move to his neighborhood. Not even when he’ll be marvelously hardworking and efficient.

Our world is full of violence, persecuting and discrimination of all kinds. I’m asking myself if we are still able to left behind all ours antediluvian verdicts. Will be there only one ex-racist looking forward to meet black man? Will Jew sit down besides Christian and tell him: “Look it has happened a long time ago and I’m sorry. Will you pardon me? And he will. Is something like that still possible? I’m hopeful that it is. But I’m 17 years old and during those 10 years which I’m noticing this things, nothing changed. So tell me: Is it still meaningful to hope?

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