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Great Britain
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The country is divided into 39 countries. Lancashire, Yorkshire, Warwickshire, Hampshire, Kent, Cheshire, Durham, Essex and Sussex are the largest and the most populated. England is highly industrialised. The development of industry started during the period of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th and early 19th century. Many important inventions, such as the invention of stream engine by James Watt were made by Englishmen. The development of industry has concentrated mainly in the north, in Lancashire and Yorkshire. Manchester used to be a major industrial and commercial centre as early as in the middle of 19th century. Now it has a variety of industries, particularly engineering. Newcastle upon Tyne is the centre of industry based on coal, iron, steel and shipbuilding. Sheffield has concentrated on the production of iron, steel and shipbuilding. Birmingham, the centre of the West Midlands, and the second largest city of England, has developed light engineering. Bicycles and motorcycles are made in the area. Birmingham is also one of the main centres of machine-tool industry. Recently there have been many changes in the structure of economy of the country. New modern industries and enterprises have developed. The biggest growth has been in banking, insurance, commerce, finance and advertising.
England has a very rich architecture. Many of the greatest cathedrals and churches were built between 1100 and 1500. They are mostly in towns which have preserved their old character. The English countryside is remarkable for its green fields and trees because there are no extremes in climate. Small villages and old market towns look beautiful with their well kept gardens and houses. England has a long coastline. Brighton, Bournemouth and Torquay are the most famous towns of the south coast. Now they are protected against any new building or development. The most beautiful natural scenery can be seen in the north-west of England in the Lake District which inspired so much the English romantic poets.


Wales is a largely mountainous country bounded on the north and west by the Irish Sea and on the south by the Bristol Channel. In the east it has its land boundary with England. The oldest son of the monarch and the successor to the English throne is given the title “Prince of Wales”.
Wales is famous for its long rivers, big lakes and high hills in the north of the country.
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