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Young people

In my opinion young people are in general a very important part of our today’s society. Many people underestimate the importance of kids, teenagers or adolescents. They take a huge part in the cultural transformation of their country. They are also a big contribution for the country, since they are the cornerstone of a beneficial economy.

Many people think that the life of young people is unworried and that they are totally irresponsible. I can’t agree and I think the life of teenagers or adolescents is getting more and more complicated. The world is going through different kinds of changes. Some are positive but many negative. This is the case of many post-communist countries. In these countries many difficult economic, social reforms are taking place. Especially many students are hit really hard by these reforms. Poverty is very common in these countries and many young people have to struggle with it. The have to start making some money at an early age so they are able to pay their studies. Scholarship is a problem here. I actually think that today’s generation is more responsible than the generation of their parents. Of course I don’t want to write only about the negative side but there are also some positive things. Many young people study and have a lot of free time if they are not working currently. It is true that you can take part in many different kinds of activities or sports. There are of course many other wonderful advantages of being young.

Young people who have finished schools start to earn their living. They play an important role in our society. They begin to take place in the “real” world. Some are very active in politics but many usually get involved in solving world-wide problems.

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