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On the Pacific coast the climate is milder and in the uninhabited north there is an arctic climate. Canada is an English and French speaking country. Most inhabitants in Quebec speak French. Originally Canada was called New France because it was a French colony. The first settlers were French arriving from Europe in the 17th century. In 1763 the French were defeated by the British and Canada became a British colony. They did not take part in the War of Independence because they were afraid of becoming a part of the USA and they did not want to. But it does not mean they were satisfied with British rule. There was a strong movement for political independence during the 19th century in Canada. This forced Great Britain to establish Canada as a Dominion in 1867. Now the English language spoken in Canada sounds more like American than British English. Canada’s natural resources are well-known. They are gold, uranium, other metal ores, oil and gas. Hamilton and Gydney are the main centres of iron and steel industries. In Montreal and Toronto ships are made and in Chatham and Ottawa there is a car industry. There is a large forests provide wood for buildings, furniture and paper production. Canada is the fifth larges producer of wheat and the second largest wheat exporter. Other important agricultural products are live-stock, oats, vegetables, fruits, tabacooo, etc. The Canadian education system varies from province to province and includes six to eight years of elementary schools, four or five years of secondery school and three or four years at the university undergraduate level. The children must attend school until the age of 15.
Canada is member of many international organizations such as GATT, UNESCO or NATO. Canada has its own national flag since 1964.
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