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So the atmosphere becomes warmer because less heat can escape

Where does the carbon dioxide come from? People and animals breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. Trees take carbon dioxide from the air, and produce oxygen. We produce carbon dioxide when we burn coal, oil, petrol, gas.. or wood. In the last few years, people have burned huge areas of rain forest. This mean there are fewer threes, and of course, more carbon dioxide. A hotter earther?
Some scientists think the greenhouse effect will make the world hotter. Areas near the coasts will be cloudier and wetter. There will be more storms. Inland areas will have a little more rain, but because the temperature will be higher, they will be drier. Sea levels will rise. They have already risen by 15 cm since 1880. Maybe they will rise another 30 cm before 2030. But clouds reflect sunlight back into space, and maybe more cluds will make the earth cooler again. Is the worlds climats changing? We don’t know. There are several groups in Britain which try to protect the enviroment. The most famous group is Greenpeace, which campaigns in many countries around the world. They have campaigned against hunting whales, pollution in the Norht Sea, nuclear power, testing nuclear weapons, and many other issues. Greenpeace supporters organize demonstrations and they also take direct action. For example, they block pipes that pour pollution into the sea. Another important enviromental group is Friends of the Earth. They have led campaigns against global warming, the destruction of the rain forest, and the hole in the ozone layer. There is also a Gree Party, which is a political party. It regularly fights elections and it has won seats in the European Parliament and on local councils. There are many other groups which are concerned with protecting the environment, for example, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, which campaigns to protect birds against danger such as pesticides and hunting. Some enviromental groups are very old. The oldes is the National Trust which was set up in 1895 to protect parks, buildings and monuments in Britain. Destroyed forests
There are two reasons – land and wood. In many countries the trees have been cut down because the land was needed for animal or crops. In other parts of the world the trees are cut down because their wood is wanted. This wood is used for buildings or it is made info furniture. Unfortunately, in most places the trees won’t be replaced. The soil in the forests is very thin, but it is protected by the trees. When the trees are cut down, the soil is washed away by the rain or blown away by the wind.
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