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In Greater London also the biggest sporting stadium Wembley is situated but it has to be break down soon. YOu can make day trips to various places: Oxford and Cambridge, Windsor Castle, Eton Public School, Brighton. Kew Gardens are the Royal Botanical Gardens. Greenwich is the seat of the National Maritime Museum where the Royal Observatory is situated. The parts of London are: the city, the West End, the East End

THE CITY is the historical centre of London with a lot of bands and officies. THE WEST END is the centre for shopping. The best shops are in Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadely Circus and Bond Street. We can find many theaters and cinemas in this quarter. The houses are very expansive, only rich can live here. In THE EAST END there are many factories, the London port and docks are situated here. But nowadays new modern styscrapes are situated build here. WESTMINISTER ABBY: was founded in the 19th century. Famous people are burried there and Royal wedding are held there. WESTMINISTER CATHEDRAL: One of the biggest roman catholic churches in England. It is build from red bricks, which are typical for many other buildings in Britain. ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL: It’s a great renaissance dome built in the 17th century by famous architect Sir Christopher Wren. It is known for its whispering gallery. Princ Charles and lady Diana were married there. TRAFALGAR SQUARE: is named after Admiral Nelson’s victory over Napoleon at the battle of Trafalgar. Nelson’s statue is situated on the high column. The square is very popular place for demonstrations and meetings. .
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