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American literature
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Against economics forces. Also in his American tragedy, the story of the young man - a murderer he blames society and system, not the hero. AFTER WW 1
In the past war period writers asked for liberty for the individuals to express oneself. New forms and new themes appeared. SINCLAIR LEWIS, ERNST HEMINGWAY, WILLIAM FAULKNER
FRANCIS SCOTT FITZGERALD - he is the writer of "roaring twenties." He talks about desillusions, the central point of his work is a clash of ideas with the reality of money relations. Tales of the Jazz Age, Tender is the night, Great Gasby - the hero of this book is the example of conflict between illusions and the reality. He has everything, but cannot have his love and finally he is killed. It was filmed with Robert Redford. JOHN STEINBECK - is closely connected with native California. He writes about ordinary people poor workers or farmers, small thieves or even idiots, but he showes his deep human understanding of all of them. He was awarded the Nobel prize. Some of his books: Tortilla Flat, Humorous story of Mexican American colony, Of Mice and Men - about migrant farm workers, The Grapes of wrath - a social novel. MODERN AMERICAN PROSE
After WW II. New generation is seeking new ideals and values and however a new forms. We must mention of a Beatnic movement which originated in San Francisco and was a revolt against schools and old values. In promise it is represented by JACK KEROUAC and his novel On the road about adventures of young people refusing steady jobs, written in three days without puncuation.
In poetry ALLEN GINSBERT with his Howl. His typical themes are sex, druck(?) addition and individualism. He lived a life of a rebel and he visited also Bratislava. Other outstanding authors are: SAUL BELLOW, BERNARD MALLMUD, JEROME D. SALINGER - Catcher in the Rye, NORMAN MAILER, JOSEPH HELLER. DRAMATIC: ARTHUR MILLER, TENESSE WILLIAMS, EDWARD ALBEE

Ernest Hemingway

He was born in Illinois, his father was a doctor. He often used to take him for hunting and fishing trips and so made him to love nature and to admire courage and endurance. He was abulant driver. He belong to the group of “lost generation”. They were very dissapointed with everything around thez. And about this he wrote. When World War 1 broke out he went to Europe and took part in it. He was wounded and then lived for several years in Paris. He often wrote about death - in the mountains, in bull-fights or in war. Hemingway's character sooner or later go down do defeat.
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